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Sharon Male's Rice Lake Office

“We would like to thank The Sharon Male Real Estate Team for an amazing job on selling our cottage on Rack Island, Rice Lake. We expected our cottage to sell between 7 & 9 months and much to our surprise Sharon had it SOLD in less then a month. We are exceptionally satisfied with the recommendations and the way The Sharon Male Real Estate Team communicated and kept us informed at all times during the sale process. The most important reason why we chose Sharon was because she lives in the area and is knowledgeable with the many sales of properties. The Team really knew how to promote our Island property to the public. Excellent Job! We will highly recommend The Sharon Male Real Estate Team to all our friends and family. Thank you again for all your hard work and your excellent service.”
Mr. & Mrs. Halsey

The Sharon Male Real Estate Team:

“We would like to thank the Sharon Male Real Estate Team for all their efforts in selling our property in Trent Hills near Campbellford. We expected our home to sell between 4 and 6 months but Sharon’s Team had it SOLD in less than 3 months. We were very satisfied with the service the Team provided. The Team communicated and kept us informed at all times. The reason we chose Sharon Male was because we were past clients and we loved her salesmanship. She proved us right again this time around on how well The Sharon Real Estate Team can sell homes. We will use the Team again in any future endeavors. Thank you for all your hard work.”
Panche & Lidia Brasnaski